A large fleet

Today Florentia Bus provides his clients with highly professional and all-round services, covering the domestic and the international major tourist routes.

Florentia Bus owns and manages a fleet of 43 buses with seat capacity ranging from 16 to 70 seats and an average age of four years; all of its buses come from top makers such as Mercedes, Volvo, Setra, VDL. All our buses are insured up to EUR 25 millions (with major insurance companies). They are all equipped with air conditioning system, reclinable seats, DVD and CD stereo systems. The majority of vehicles has an “en-suite” toilette and, upon clients’ requests, every bus seating plan can be rearranged to provide a business class area with wider spaces in between seats (we have bus 12Mt. with 40 o 32 business seats). Being an eco friendly company which wants to safeguard the environment, Florentia Bus has installed a photovoltaic power system for the production of its own electricity and a bus washing system which recycles over 90% of the water used.

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